Home Study Guide in Canada


Hi Frank,

Im new to all this but I just wanted to ask a quick question, does your home study guide translate to the canadian market? As I am trying to start up a billboard company in Alberta.


It not only translates to the Canadian market, the most prolific billboard builder/buyer that has ever taken the course is Canadian. He has built/bought over 200 signs since reading our stuff, all in Canada. His name is Steve. Of course, he’s really smart, aggressive and good at it, which also gives him a big edge. But, yes, the principles are the same in the U.S. and Canada. Probably the biggest difference between the countries is that Canadian outdoor is more focused on lesser expensive, smaller units than the U.S.


Hey Frank
I just ordered your home study guide and i was wondering if there was any class I could take in school or anything that will help make this business get going?


We offer a boot camp that is a weekend spent in the classroom and field doing nothing but real-life billboard work. The next one is October 9th and 10th in St. Louis, Missouri. Information on that is here on the site.

If you bought the course, you have access to a free, live question and answer hour every Wednesday. You should definitely attend that. Call the office at (800) 950-1364 for the pass codes.