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I want to understand about outdoor billboard, but how I don’t know to start? can you help me? thanks so much


what does find locatable that advertisement boarding is called?


Finding locations for billboards is initially about obeying the laws, both city and state, and finding agreeable land owners willing to enter into a ground lease. I think you’re best bet to get up to speed quickly is to buy my book featured on the site called “Big Bucks from Big Signs”.


Ok, thanks so much.


Hello, I am new to the advertising industry after years in the automotive industry, I am already a big fan of this forum because it gives me a lot of insight on some of the issues i will be facing.

My situation, About 4 years ago my father bought a dilapidated farm on the edge of a major interstate in Indiana. We tore down the old farmhouse and cleaned up what was on the verge of becoming a junk yard and what the city called a, “soar spot in the community.” I have at capacity, enough room to install 3 billboards along the edge of the interstate.

My first issue has been zoning. The County calls it a “buffer zone” and is zoned Agriculture. The city which in which the property is within is telling me that i AM NOT allowed to put any outdoor advertising up under any type of zoning. however, if i look 1/2 a mile south i see 3 14’x48’ billboards up. When i inquired about that i was told that they had filed “parallel suit.” I was told to read the “county expansion manual” which talks about how if i wanted to put something like this i up i would have to show how i would comply somehow with this manual. And following that come to a town zoning meeting and tell them what i want.

What would you guys do? Should i inquire upon a Real Estate Attorney? Attend the meeting telling them i would promote commerce with the southbound facing signs? Maybe include that i did the community a service by cleaning up the scrap yard?

Sincerely, Christian Rayburn




I would put together a presentation showing where the three signs would go, what they would look like (take a photo of a good-looking 14’ x 48’ monopole (if your economics allow for such an expensive sign), and present it to the city council. The benefits to the city would be greater visibility for advertisers to direct shoppers to buy locally, creating more sales tax income, and personal property tax on the signs. I would throw in the construction of a smaller multi-pole sign on your property saying something like “Welcome to [town’s name]” to promote awareness of the town and what it has to offer. I have successfully sold several cities on this program, but the key is to approach it as a “win/win” situation with the town. If you look out for their best interests, then they will watch out for yours. I would not bring an attorney into the picture until all amiable efforts are exhausted.


I am looking at rebuilding 30-40 wooden framed poster panels over the next couple of years, we do have half a dozen or so singlepoles which are great, however the cost for us at this time is not in the budget. Some of our older signs were very simple with only 3 galvanized uprights. I am looking to do the simular type however I want to add front and back walkrails. Can someone point me in the right direction as to a manufacturer, or steel company that I may be able to find the accessories? Appreciate your help


About rebuilding the wooden signs wind frames are a good choice and will cost less than a FXU, FX6 etc. but Formetco can help you with what you need,

contact: Julia Rousseau or Jerry McClellan @ 770-476-7000 or www.formetco.com just mention my name and they will take care of what you need.

I am based out of the Atlanta area if I can help with the work on these signs let me know.

Jimmy Craze
Craze Outdoor Inc.
for all your billboard maintains needs contact me @ crazeoutdoor@aol.com !



Thanks for helping out on this.



Your more than welcome!
Anytime I can help with anything I will try my best. If you or anyone in the Atlanta ( GA.and AL. ) area needs any help with any kind of billboard / sign maint. fill free to send me any email to see if I can help with the problem. I do everything from electrical (complete wiring to repairs ), installs ( vinyl, stickybacks ), trivision installs and repairs, structure installs and repairs. I will help as much as I can, that is what we all need to do is work together during this hard economic times. Instead of working against each other and making things wost, we can go that extra step and help each each other and I am sure it will pay off in the long run. This billboard industry is a SMALL WORLD as the saying goes and it seem like everyone knows everyone.

Craze Outdoor Inc.
For all your billboard maint. needs contact me @ crazeoutdoor@aol.com



I couldn’t agree more.


Great thread!


Thanks, Dave! It’s really nice to see this thread because we could exchange our thoughts about outdoor advertising concerns.


We are taking offers for purchase of our property.
It has two boards on it. A 10x22 and a junior board.
It has permits held by Fairway outdoor HOWEVER there are no current lessees in effect and can be negotiated by a new owner! In March we issued them a letter stating the leases will not be renewed.

The address is:
11304 US-221
Woodruff, SC 29388
Tax map #4-32-00-050.01

Make an offer to Christopher@capitalmatters.us


Thanks Dave. I have currently been reading what is outdoor advertising and I have found some good resources related to outdoor advertising and now I have completely make my mind that this really works for any business to grow . A small investment can bring a huge difference. Can you further explain me what should be the actual process and how long this works?