Is there any resouces that can be used to contact major advertisers to advertise on our sign? We have a 10ft x 10ft LED billboard avilable for rent in a area in Chicago that has approx. 24,000 vehicles passing per day, not counting the CTA bus stop at the site. We have tried contacting major companies like coke-cola, Burger King, etc…but have had very little response.

You are pursuing the wrong clients. 24,000 is way too low a traffic count to attract a national account (unless it’s in Beverly Hills or a similar niche) and 10’ x 10’ is too small (they are used to 14’ x 48’). You need to be aggressively pursuing local accounts – smaller businesses that are located near the sign, or have a home base in your market. Those are the folks that will rent the sign. I’ve got every idea I know of how to sell this kind of ad space in my book, “Big Bucks from Big Signs” available on this site for $69. If you do everything the book tells you to do, you will be able to get as much for the ad space as is humanly possible – plus you’ll get it occupied immediately. Leave the national accounts for CBS and Lamar and stick with the local accounts on a sign such as yours. The local accounts are more stable in a recession, anyway.


Hey Frank,

I though that the book was $369.00 dollars.

““Big Bucks from Big Signs” available on this site for $69”

Hey frank i live in South Africa and for my company i’d like to use marketing agencies to rent my billboards on behalf of their clients is this a good idea? and if so how do i approach the marketing agencies to propose the relationship and how much commission should i give them and is the commission a once off or every month OR SHOULD I USE DIRECT MARKETING

I need more clarification. Are you the advertiser, or the billboard company?

I’m the billboard company hoping to lease my billboards to marketing companies so that they can advertise their clients (advertiser) messages

You will do a much better job of renting your ad space than any agency will. They will only promote what’s easy to sell and ignore the rest. And what’s easy to sell you can do yourself in five seconds.