Blue print

does anyone have a blue print on how to design and build a 6 sheet outdoor billboard they are willing to share.I’m new to the business and trying to specialize in the 6 sheets sizes.Also any pitfall to avoid all help will be appreciated .


I don’t have any engineering for them, but I believe the sign size you actually mean is an “8 sheet” not a “6 sheet”. I have never heard of a “6 sheet”. An “8 sheet” is approximately 5’ x 10’ – is that what you mean?

You may have a hard time locating a fabricator who still makes these, as they have not been built in any quantity in many, many years. Many steel fabricators still have some left in their inventory from the old days.

There is nothing wrong with 8 sheets. I’ve owned some. It’s just that most people focus on the bigger sizes. But if that’s what fits your market, then go for it.

an 8-sheet has a 5’x11’ display area, plus trim. it used to be called a pony board. i believe tiffin still makes the faces. tiffin and formatco(sp?) used to supply all the faces i built and worked on. tyler outdoor in oklahoma city still has quite a few. you might try contacting them.

the structure itself is pretty simple and usually consists of an 8" pole, 1/4" plates welded all the way around the pole with 1/2" holes and bolts holding 2 horizontal “stringers” made of 2"x1/4" thick angle iron. the prefabricated face bolts to the horizontal stringers.

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Thanks, signguy.

Any idea what the 5’ x 11’ structures wind load for? I’ve been playing with the idea of throwing up some small steel signs instead of the wood ones i typically build.