I am getting a lot of mixed messages. I own a property in Los Angeles that faces the highway. Clear Channel has both the city permit and the Cal Trans permit. my lease expires in 2 months and i want to sign with another company. MY QUESTION is do the permits stay with the property or the operator? i am being told by clear channel that the city permit stays with the property however they own the cal trans permit and hence i can not sign a lease with another company- i think they are trying to inimidate me - can you advice. Thank you so much

I would go directly to the source and ask the California Department of Transportation and the city what the rules are. In most states, the permit runs with the sign. Assuming the sign is grandfathered, if the sign is removed, another one cannot be put back up. But equally dangerous is the fact that the sign company could move the sign (assuming it is legal conforming) to your neighbor’s property, by filing a simultaneous demolition and new permit application. Basically, the sign company always has the advantage. But you can certainly find out your rights and see if there is another solution.