Geotechnical Data

hello frank

what geotechnical information should i supply to billboard design engineer? would hiring a drilling crew with a 2" split spoon to a depth of 100ft or bedrock refusal suffice?


Depending on your location it could be much pricier to have geotech testing done compared to simply designing your board for “worst case” scenario i.e rocks and such. If there are any other structures around (signs, basements, hills) then you can get a good idea of what is under the ground. It becomes a gamble both ways. Not all engineers require the geotest but if you go that route, I have been quoted 3-6k.

I have done core sampling on certain locations, but only in cases where there were known issues with rock or water. Even if you do a very good job of checking out the earth, the is always the possibility that you will hit rock or some other problem when you dig a 48" diameter hole. The good news is that most every drilling crew has the technology to go through whatever they hit. The bad news is that it all costs money.