Got a space, need to find a broker to get some advertisers

Hi there,
Wonder if anyone can help me with this. Appreciate any info.
I have a building with a large, avenue facing wall. I would like to put some advertisement on this wall. Let me know if anyone can help me with some ideas on how to connect to the advertisers. Location is in Brooklyn, NY - around Neptune Ave and Coney Island Avenue. Busy neighborhood, prime location.


Before you go any further, contact the city and make sure this concept is legal. You will need at least a city permit for this. Many cities are putting a major crackdown on illegal wallscapes – Los Angeles put a guy in jail with a $1 million bond for putting up an illegal one – so I wouldn’t even think about doing it if you cannot get all the necessary permits.

Thank you for the advice - I will call the city and find out if I can in fact put something up on my building.
But let’s say it is legal and I am approved - what do I do next, who do I talk to about getting an actual ad up on that billboard.
Thanks Again.

Once you have confirmed it is legal, then we’ll address that. Otherwise, there’s no point.

One possible way would be to list your billboard on, they allow billboard owners to list for free and you might get some customers that way.

Much appreciated - I’ll find out of the city allows for billboards in my area.

Wasn’t this guy like 20 times -offender for the same thing where he was told by the city repeatedly many times over not to put it and he still did?


Even if he had done it 1,000,000 times before, there is no excuse for picking the guy up deliberately on a Friday afternoon (so he cannot post bail) and holding him on $1 million bail over the weekend, on a crime as petty as this. I know the point was to make an example of the guy, but I think the City of Los Angeles has gone insane. There are some outdoor operators who have fled LA (not sure if they’re home yet or not) for fear that they would be the next to be picked up. You would think that a city that’s essentially broke, in a state that’s essentially broke, would have higher priorities than sign proliferation. The only reason they are doing this is because it’s an easy P.R. tool – 99% of the population hates signs so it makes the city attorney look like a hero. If he did the same thing on any other industry category, the public would be outraged. It reminds me of Eliot Spitzer and will probably have the same ending.