LED billboards


I have access to LED billboards and would like to know how to sell/market them. I am a total newbie to the industry, so I appreciate any and all advice.

Thanks! Christine


I will need a bit more information to help you. Are you trying to rent advertising space on LED signs, or sell LED signs to end users? They are pretty different functions.

Hi Frank,

I’m trying to sell LED signs to end users. We sold a 4’x10’ display as part of a creative project and in the process we have acquired all kinds of different LED panels and developed a great relationship with the manufacturer. I’m located in the San Francisco bay area and would love to find clients interested in purchasing LED signs and billboards.

Thanks, Christine

most outdoor advertising companies are going to want a turn key operation with technical support and a solid warranty.


I have never sold LED signs, so I am certainly no expert on this. I know that you will need to have a competitive (preferably lower) price than the competition, and a compelling reason to buy your brand of LED. There are a lot of LED salesmen out there, so you need to have a solid business and marketing plan. And you’ll need to know the sign ordinances, backwards and forwards, on LED and allowable sign sizes and placements. If anybody else out there has any other information, please post it.