Non-Standard Billboard,

I have a quick question, I live near a community that doesn’t allow any type of standard billboards within it’s city limits. It’s a great community though and has lots of businesses in it. The only type of “off premise” sign that are allowed can be no larger than 20 square feet. Is this too small to mess with. Or could I create a successfull plant within this city.


One good thing about this is that your vinyls will be cheap :slight_smile: I have not ever seen a sign company make their billboards that small. I don’t believe signs on the side of the road will read well this small. Focus just right outside city limits where city does not have control. Make sure it conforms with state regulations and send in your permit. Businesses will advertise! Maybe try a mobile billboard. Find a local welder and custom design one. Park it in random locations throughout the city. Hope this helped a little. Good luck!


Is there any water around the city?

Where exactly?

Maybe we can help.

Aaron Kiss