Seeking a Billboard Installation/Maintenance Career with an Outdoor Advertising company that will Reward me with the Same Loyalty that I provide them


 My name is Joshua Hales. I am the lead billboard installer and plant manager of a small outdoor advertising company in Crystal Lake, Illinois, Liberty Outdoor Advertising, which I have been with for the past two and a half years.

 Being that the company I work for is only able to provide me with part-time hours, I also work a second part-time job for Harvest Bible Chapel, in Elgin, Illinois, as a trades technician. My wife and I have two little girls, and we are very close to qualifying for a mortgage, after many years of trying to qualify, and the fact that we would like to create a more stable environment for our children, we believe that it's time for me to move on, and take on a full-time position with a different, more established outdoor advertising company. We have been researching many different companies and states that they are in, but haven't yet found exactly what I'm looking for in an outdoor advertising company.

 As lead installer and plant manager of Liberty outdoor, I install Junior vinyl billboards, both 6x12, and 12x12, on Wooden Structures, all over the McHenry county, Illinois area. Not only do I install the billboards, but I also maintain and update the billboard structures, as well as maintain the properties they are on. I take great pride and have an incredible passion for outdoor advertising and billboard installation and maintenance. Though I am open to learning more about the larger structures that you folks may have, and would be willing to learn, I would be even more interested if you have a region of Junior billboard structures and/or Wooden Structures, that I could sink my teeth into, much like the company I currently work for. However, as I mentioned, I am open to new possibilities, as long as I am not required to be DOT certified, etc. As I am allergic to the ingestion of alcohol, I cannot, and therefore do not, drink any alcohol. However, living in Illinois currently, I am cannabis friendly, but I partake very rarely, and never partake on duty. I also have a medical condition, called trigeminal neuralgia V2. It is an ongoing pain in my upper right mandibular of my gums, and working at my job, helps me to get my mind off of it. I am working with a pain specialist, and I am on medication for it, but it does not hinder my ability to do my work, nor to drive vehicles. I'm just mentioning all of these things, as I do not want any surprises with the employer that I work for, and I would prefer to be working in a location, that is either cannabis friendly, or soon to have the laws changed, so that it is legal in the area. I would also prefer an employer, who understands my ocd, my medical condition listed above, and my other requirements, so that I do not end up moving my family and I to the State the company's located in, only to find out that the employer has a problem with my lifestyle choices, or the medication I take for my condition. As mentioned, this does not hinder my ability to work hard and devotedly for my employer.

 I have no problem working on a team of other installers here and there when necessary, but I do enjoy the freedom and focus on my job more, when working alone. Dependent upon the weather and other conditions, I can usually install anywhere between 6 to 14 Junior Billboards per day. To do this, I climb up onto the Billboards with a ladder, then climb all over the billboard structure, like a monkey, using my incredible climbing skills, and getting the job done.
 As I do have a great passion for this position, I always do my best to make sure each and every vinyl is installed absolutely correctly & is aesthetically pleasing, and to make sure not only are the Billboard structures updated and maintained correctly for safety and aesthetic reasons, but that the Landscaping is taken care of properly, to allow maximum visual distance.

 I also have over 20 years of general  construction, team leadership, and team management experience, in both construction, and door-to-door marketing/canvassing. I'm definitely a people person, I always do my best to please my employers, in hopes that they treat me with the same ethics and loyalty. I treat the sign structures/properties, as if I were the owner, again taking great pride in what I do.

 I am searching for a company that will not treat me like a number, but much like Liberty outdoor, treat me like family, and show me the same amount of loyalty and respect, that I show them. I want to make this my lifelong career. Please review my attached resume, passing it on to whomever needs to look at it, as well as my email/cover letter that I have sent you here, and contact me at your earliest convenience.

Thank You,

Joshua Hales

(715) 382-3845