Selling or subleasing service


We have a couple newly secured sites. Leases and all permits are secured. The sign structure has not been erected. We are interested in selling or subleasing one or two of these sites. Are there companies or individuals (realtors or otherwise) that specialize in selling leases? We feel an expert at this business may be able to market our leases and permits most effectively.


Make a list of all of the existing billboard companies in that market. Put together a good sales package with photos of where the sign goes with the sign drawn in, traffic count, selling points of that location, and the lease terms. Send the package to all of the companies at the same time. Don’t put a price on it, as that could work against you. See who calls and then cold call those who don’t. Get offers and then play the top two off against the other like eBay. Nobody can do a better job of that than you – and you’re free of charge.