Slow Quarter


Historically speaking, is the 1st quarter of the calendar year the slowest/lowest revenue period of the year? Just erected a couple of billboards in a very good location but no renters yet. Price is set below competition.

My local retailers have a “wait and see” approach as far as customers spending their tax return money. Seems like potential clients are using this quarter for planning/budgeting of their marketing dollars. Is it typically slow after the winter holidays? Any industry give you good results for the start of the year?


Have you done the following steps: 1) phone number on the sign 2) talk to every move-over customer 3) 500 to 1,000 piece direct mail piece to SIC in zip code 4) quick list of top 10 prospects 5) Combo advertisers 6) Coop advertisers 7) landowner trade 8) cash pre-emptibles? If you’ve done all that, and still have no customers, then you’ve priced the ad space too high. There is not a good season or bad season, as summer activities offset Christmas ads.

I have done most of the above but I’m not familiar with 5, 6 & 8.

Combo advertising is where you find two or more potential advertisers who share the same exit, and then have them split the cost. Coop advertising is where you have the advertiser take advantage of the coop programs offered by many product manufacturers who will pay up to 50% of the cost of the billboard if you just put there logo on it – this is especially good for western wear, sports stores and auto parts stores. Cash pre-emptibles are advertisers who will pay 50% of the full rate of the sign, but do so on a basis where you can put them up and take them down whenever you want, and bill them only for the time they are on the sign.