Starting from scratch

I’m interested in getting into this business but I have no capital (literally, nothing). from your articles you seem to say it is possible to start with nothing by flipping leases. I have a few questions regarding that:

  1. does flipping a lease require no money down?
  2. where do you find a lease you can flip?
  3. once a lease is secured how does the process of flipping work? how and how quickly can you find someone to take over?

I live in Miami, Fl and as far as I can tell most billboards are already taken. I’d want to start with something small on the outskirts of town but how would I find that? Do I need to actually go driving around and find an empty billboard? how would I know who to contact if I do see a billboard?

basically I’m really starting from nothing here and I’d love to get some opinions on how to get started.

any help would be much appreciated,


  1. Set goals. (Flip for money now, or build an income property for the future).
  2. Get familiar with your particular zoning. Go to your country webpage and find the zoning & regulations concerning billboards (off premise signage). Download the permit form if available.
  3. Goto Florida DOT and find their regs on billboards… Setbacks, spacing, etc etc… Download their signage permit form.
  4. Get the maps. You need to have maps in hand that show areas that you have designated legal to have boards… Get tracffic maps, county maps, and any other maps that are availabe usually for free.
  5. Once you find a location you’ll need to get a ground lease with the landowner and also get the state and city permits… This will cost you around $40 + gas money.
  6. Once you get approved all around then the next depends on your goals. You can simply prelease the sign site. Direct Mail: Create an attractive flyer detailing your property facts (i.e DEC, CPM, Traffic Count, etc etc) OR you can market the local to local/national competitors…

What else