State Map

Hi Frank,

What is the best way to print a large state map? Something like 7 feet high, 7-8 feet width.

I need a large map of an area where I am searching for locations.

Thank you!

I think you can buy large maps like that on the internet. You can’t really make one yourself, as it will be so low quality that if won’t really serve your purpose. There are map stores in some cities in which you can buy giant maps of any area you want, that they print and/or encase in laminate. Check on-line.

I really like giant maps because they allow you to have one spot to strategize and mark your locations. I’ve been using them for 30 years.

I just called ~15 companies. Not many can print with detail needed, such as local roads. But I found a few that probably could do it.

I am curious how did you print yours?


check with your state’s mapping/GIS dept. they may be able to give you a computer file that you could take to kinko’s to get printed

Sven, Thank you!!

I used a company in Dallas called Mapsco. But there are probably cheaper ways to get one over the internet.