Value of a sign

Hi, I am thinking of buying a double sided sign that has annual income of 64,000 - it is leased to a major advertising company for the next 13 years. What is this worth?

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To determine the value, you need to subtract the expenses and find out the net income. Then apply a capitalization rate. That will give you a value based on a return on investment. For example, if the net income is $40,000 per year, and you want a 20% return on investment, then the value is $200,000.

Frank - thank you - I understand how cap rates work - my question is at what cap rates do billboards sell at? My guess is that froma cost replacement approach to come up with value - that a 2 sided pole sign on a major express that is somewhat tall - costs appx 500,000 to build - and I on the correct path with this?