Wanting to trade ad space by giving your company a website

My name is Matt Orley, I am part of the Remarkable Team, a freelance web design company based here in Akron Ohio.

I have a need to advertise and would like to utilize your services for setting up billboard advertising in the surrounding areas.

I WOULD LIKE TO PROPOSE A BARTER, and trade website design services for print and outdoor AD SPACE.

This is a serious offer, and would like to talk about this over the phone.

Our website Portfolio is here:

I would be pleased to offer you a complete, written proposal, outline exactly what we can offer, and complete our half of the bargain immediately.

We use cutting edge, open source technologies, follow the latest trends, and offer SEO services as well.

Kind Regards,
Matt Orley <><
The Remarkable Team
matt @ remarkableteam.com