Solar-Powered Lighting for Bulletin Billboard


We have an older billboard that we are looking to install lighting on. It’s roughly 12’ x 32’, on wooden poles. We have seen a lot of info out there about different lighting options, and of course, everyone tells you theirs is the best. We’re interested in solar powered LED or HID systems to save on long term costs, both for initial installation of electrical service, as well as on-going operating costs. We’re in NE Texas, where it’s hot and sunny most of the time, and we have good southern exposure for a solar array.

In your experience, are these types of systems worth it, or is it better to just go with a traditional wired scenario?

Does anyone have any recommendations on specific brands/models of lights that work well, or recommendations on ones to avoid?



You should know the solar-powered string lights, they can decorate your bulletin billboard with ease. they are all LEDs and won’t produce too much heat.