12 x 24 digital billboard

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Digital outdoor is affordable, accessible, and convenient, thanks to Adaptive’s efficient design and easy-to-use management software. LED billboard is calibrated at our U.S. factory for optimal color values and contrast. When it arrives at your location, its single-piece construction means your digital billboard can be up and running in as little as two hours! MEDIAMaster outdoor digital billboards are protected by a sealed case that eliminates fan filter upkeep and contamination. Adaptive’s unique balance of LED brightness and background contrast delivers longer life and consistent images and our 5-year warranty and nationwide network of service specialists offer the peace of mind that few other electronic billboard manufacturers can match. MEDIAMaster Live, our content management system developed specifically for LED outdoor media, makes it quick and easy for you to deliver the control, flexibility and responsiveness your customers appreciate and Adaptive’s 24/7 monitoring system with live web cams means fast service response time.

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Steven Dilley

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