14x48 Components

Hi - I want to clarify that the following items (seen below) are the comprehensive package required for construction of a 14’x48’ structure? If I’m missing any items, please let me know, as I’m concerned that I’ll need additional parts and incur a change order.

1 - pole HAGL 13’ engineer to 90 mph, back to back with 20’ VEE
2 - 36" wide, heavy duty outside catwalks
4 - 18" wide, heavy duty inside catwalks
1 - access ladder to ground and catwalks
2 - hurricane faces (in lieu of metal faces)
2 - metal skirts painted
4 - 400 watt advue light fixtures
Safety package with cables (safety cable on catwalks and safety handrail on walkaround)
nuts and bolts for assembly
complete galvanized catwalks


There are quite a few pieces missing from this description, such as the stringers, uprights, outriggers, torsion bar, etc. The height of the pole is completely dependent on how tall you are building the structure, and the windload needs to be based on where you are located at and what the laws are. There are also more catwalks than you have included.

If you are pricing a structure, the best thing to use is the engineer-sealed drawing. That way there is no piece missing, and everyone will be bidding apples to apples.

I have quick question, how much you be willing to offer for a one sided billboard, no lights 7’ x 13’ in a semi rural area, Guy interested in selling it was getting about 490/mo now it sits empty for over a year.

And similar scenario if it was double sided (no lights)

Please let me know how more or less you are coming up with numbers

Thank you


To understand the offer, you would have to determine what it really would rent for ($490 if obviously not it) and then subtract the operating expenses such as ground rent, vinyl installation, insurance, repair&maintenance, tax, etc. Also, factor in a fair amount of vacancy. The net number, annualized, times three to five would be the correct price (assuming the sign is in safe and usable condition). That equates to a 20% to 33% cap rate. Of course, if you can get it for even less, that’s great.

The same formula holds true on a double-sided sign --or any type of configuration.

Frank - The structure is going to be in CA and I was going to use hurricane faces and in turn avoid the costs associated with metal faces. What are your thoughts about hurricane faces? I forget to mention the 4 stringers in my above post. Would have an engineered set of drawings completed for each specific project and then in turn mail out sets of the plans to fabrication companies for pricing? Thanks for your time and help!!


Hurricane faces, which are really just a metal “rectangle” to attach a vinyl to, have a couple serious side effects you need to be aware of. The first is that they will show the sun through them when it is on the back of the vinyl, so the ad content is not as easy to read – it appears faint. The other is that they will blow in the wind, no matter hight tight you ratchet them down. This “billowing” effect can be a real turn-off for advertisers. They were designed, as the name implies, to allow for the complete destruction of the vinyl, and not the sign structure, in the event of damaging winds. Once the vinyl rips off, the windload on the structure falls to almost zero. However, you don’t see them used outside of those zones very much, for the very reasons I have offered. From a dollars and cents standpoint, if you have to rent the sign for less, or don’t get a renewal, or don’t rent it at all, it will way outweigh the cost benefit of buying panels or not. I’m old fashioned and prefer panels, because I am super-conscious of wanting 100% happy customers. But, they may have benefits I have not seen yet. I still remember when vinyls first came out and everybody, including myself, said “that’s stupid”.