14'x48' VEE

Hi - I’m going to be building a new 14x48 bulletin and the vee on the sign will likely be between 65-75 degrees, what increase in costs should I expect with such a drastic angle?

Expect a big increase. A big “V” puts a huge strain on the structure.

without knowing your exact street orientation, maybe you should consider adding another face in the opening. even if the 3rd face isn’t highly visible, it will help keep the wind from exerting so much pressure behind the panels. plus, you have another face to sell to offset the additional production costs or you can promote your ad company on the 3rd face. i’ve seen a lot of wide “V” 14’x48’s with a 30-sheet in the opening.

But if you do what is suggested above, please be sure the local regulations will allow 3 faces on 1 sign.

Good idea on the 3rd face, i dont believe the planning department will allow for the extra square footage. Do you think I would save money if I went to i-beams versus a monopole?

Possibly. I would definitely also get a price on that for comparison.

14x48 I bean structure? I doubt there will be much savings there with that much V you would basically be building 2 complete structures, along with taking a much larger footprint on your land owners property which may cost you more, or leave you subject for getting the boot after your lease is up.

I’d still get the bids just to compare. Sometimes a fabricator has a bunch of beam lying around, and can get really competitive. It’s really just about the economics, unless, as Bruce has pointed out, the property aesthetics and utilization preclude anything but a monopole. I’m assuming, since you threw out the I-Beam idea, this unit is on undeveloped ground. Even then, you need to think about the long term effects. Why do you need the huge “V” to begin with? If the sign has a very short read in one direction, you may be better served building a one-sided sign.