8 sheet (junior) billboard question

Hi my name is Rob and i am new to t
his site.
Where I live there are 25 8 sheet billboards that haven’t been used
for years. I called the company that
owns them and they will sell
them for 45,000. Is that a good price?
The signs do need some work done on
them and weeds and branches cut
away. Do businesses advertise alot
on 8 sheet billboards? Thank u for any
help i can get

Is that $45,000 for 25 structures, or $45,000 for 25 faces (around 12 structures)? The going rate on these is normally $1,000 to $2,000 per structure. There is a lot of opportunity with putting 8-sheet units back in service – but only if you know what you are doing. On the front end, you’ll need to make sure that the groundleases are O.K., and paying out around 15% to 20% of revenue. You’ll also need to get a handle on what the rents are for 8-sheets, and run the economics to make sure that the deal makes sense. There’s 1001 other items, but that will get you started.

It is 25 structures. They said all the
permits are still good. I plan on
checking with the state on the permits.
And check with the landowners on
the ground leases. I was thinking to
charge 200 to 250 a month. Just didnt
know if the asking price is to high.
Do you know if the bigger advertising
companies are firm on their sell

Your ad rates sound about right – but I don’t know your market. All prices, from any company, are negotiable.

Frank, does your book cover bringing old 8 sheets back to service.

I’m pretty sure it does. It’s been a long time since I wrote it. But the fundamentals are the same for all billboards – from 8 sheet to 30 sheet to 14’ x 48’. I’m happy to answer any questions that I missed in the book on this topic.

Hi Frank, Sorry for my ignorance. What book did you write? what is it about?

My book is called “Big Bucks from Big Signs”. I also wrote the Billboard Home Study Course. Both are for sale here on the site. They are the only book and course on the billboard industry that anyone has ever written. Not really sure why nobody else has, except that there are not many people in the billboard industry, and I guess even fewer that like to write.