9 types of outdoor billboard led display screen

Installation Types for advertising led display screen.

Outdoor advertising led display screen, it is a popular fashion media to release commercial advertisements, release activities and various information to the public. It has the characteristics of strong visibility, strong dynamics, and flexibility for various media sources.

Outdoor advertising led display screen are always fixed on different building types, but do you know how many installation types or fixed types are there? Here I have summarized 10 main fixing methods for your reference.

1. Outdoor curved advertising LED display

The outdoor arc-shaped LED display will bring a better viewing experience to the audience. In some cases, we want our LED display to be visible not only in one direction, but also in a wide viewing angle. In this case, flat LED display panels are not as good as curved LED display panels. Curved LED displays may require angular LED display modules and curved LED display cabinets.

advertising led display screen

2. Wall-mounted LED display

The wall-mounted advertising led display screen is slightly more cost-effective than the column type. It matches the steel frame of the display to the building frame. The surrounding is covered with aluminum composite panels for waterproofing, and customers can also choose a waterproof cabinet.

advertising led display screen

3. Column outdoor LED display

The column type is the most popular style of outdoor advertising LED display. It consists of three main parts,

  1. Underground base construction personnel.
  2. Steel column.
  3. LED display fixed frame.
    The column can be divided into a single column, double columns or multi-column. It depends on the size of the LED screen. The pillar must be stronger to support the weight of the entire LED display. So the side and thickness also need to be different according to the size.

advertising led display screen

4. Fixed outdoor LED display on the roof

For a while, LED advertising investors hoped to cover a wide range, which means that a large area of the audience can see the image or video of the advertisement. Therefore, the high point of an outdoor billboard is necessary to make it a reality. In this case, installing an outdoor LED display on the top of a building is a good choice, so that the size of the LED display is appropriate and it can expand its advertising profits.

5. Angular LED display

The angular LED display is mainly used on the corner wall of the building. So that the audience can see in two directions.
It can expand the viewing area in some cases, such as an externally curved LED display.

6. Outdoor double-sided LED display

Outdoor double-sided LED display means that the opposite side is LED display, which is mainly used for streets, publishing roads or highways.
In this case, people from two directions can watch the advertising media displayed on both sides of the LED display. The thickness should be higher than that of a single-sided LED display because there should be a maintenance tube in the center of the display.

7. Outdoor three-sided LED display

Outdoor three-sided LED display, triangular LED display is usually used at road intersections, it makes 4 directions visible.
The display type can be a common outdoor LED display, DIP or SMD. But there are other options, such as energy-saving LED display, “ice LED screen”, which means low power consumption and low heat in general. Another option is the outdoor transparent LED display, which is reliable in quality, resistant to typhoons, and light in weight, which reduces the cost of the steel frame structure.

8. Outdoor long strip LED display

The outdoor long strip LED display is famous because of its name, and its length is much greater than its height. This kind of outdoor LED display is usually fixed on the top of the meter or entrance, or on the highway as traffic LED sign. Show some moving animations, slogans or some notification information. The display can be divided into several suitable windows to display advertisement images or videos.

9. Outdoor round LED display

Outdoor circular LED display is the originality of LED display, using customized modules to assemble a unique shape to make shocking advertising performance. Therefore, the lead time of this LED display is longer than that of an ordinary outdoor LED display. You need to provide your LED display project, and then the LED display factory will consider and provide solutions.