Accessing Site

I have solicited a landowner with a property located on a major interstate. The property site is heavily wooded and there are no dirt roads or paths on the property. Behind this property there are large office buildings (approximately 1000 ft away from where I want to put the sign) and they are not owned by the landowner. The landowner is asking how we would we would access the site regularly and also how we would construct the sign. I’m not sure I have an answer. Any suggestions? Could the construction crew pull off to the side of the interstate and erect the sign?


The first thing you have to do is contact the Highway Dept. in your state and see what the rules are for accessing the property from the highway side. Some states may allow this with a special permit. Others may make you file for an official “driveway” and build a gate. Some states may ban this idea altogether. If the state will not let you access, then you would have to clear a path from whatever point of access the landowner has (I assume he’s not landlocked). You don’t have to build a road unless the ground is mush, but you’d have to build it when it has not rained for a while and the ground is hard. You’d have to cut down any trees or brush up the width of an 18-wheeler. Once you have the sign installed, access is simple – you will change vinyls and light bulbs from a pick-up truck.