Advertisers for Outdoor LED Billboard

We have 44ft x 25ft LED digital outdoor billboard on US-Mexico border in San Diego area. ( )

It is right on the land border crossing with more than 46,000 cars / 137,000 people daily.

We have been trying to contact major brand companies as well as movie studios (full movies, tobaco, and alcohols are allowed, since in Mexico) but have not had much luck yet.

Is there any better way to find brokers or contacts for these major advertisers? Any input would be appreciated.

Advertisers like that are great if you can get them. But you need to think about local advertisers as a back-up plan. You need to follow the ten-point strategy I describe in my course.


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better know which advertiser like these people. So many cars pass through, then car advertiser will be considered. Also your location is in mexico and america border, why not import advertiser who want mexican people to know they more, such as travel company, also you can find america travel company to put ads on your billboard. that’s just some idea, hope can help you. Good luck, bro.

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