Advertising help!

Small start up billboard company with 10 boards in Indianapolis. Increasing about 2-3 per month. We are in need of someone to handle keeping our boards rented. Are there companies that anyone has used before that has done well for them? Or any other suggestions. We are looking to put someone on staff full time or hire an agency to do it.

John Ekenseair
Maxxed Media, LLC



There is nobody out there that you could depend on to do that – other than yourself. You’ll need a salesman and you’ll need to manage them very effectively. I was able to keep my 300 sign operation in Dallas about 95%+ occupied through the Texas S&L Crisis, and the steps I did to do that most salesman never think of or think is too much work – but they rent signs and that’s the important part. If you are unable to brainstorm a plan to get the signs rented, call me at (573) 535-0206 and I’ll help you think outside the box.


I am having the same issue as this guy. We are a new company with monopole and multipole signs in and around Oklahoma City off of a major highway and are trying to figure out the best way to get them full. We have cold called and have had some initial positive feedback, but generally it seems most companies have this handled through an ad agency that tends to not give us the time of day! A majority of our signs are on I-35 and I-40 in OKC and surrounding areas. We’ve gotten the chance to see everyone’s rates in this area and we beat theirs, just don’t know what else we need to do to close some deals.

#1 you need to buy and read my course, as it is very explicit on how to sell billboard space the correct way,and is much more detailed than what I am about to tell you.

But here are the basic top 10 methods you need to employ:

  1. Put your phone number on the sign HUGE
  2. Move overs (steal clients off of other signs)
  3. Direct mail (see course)
  4. Quick Close (see course)
  5. Ad agencies
  6. Pre-emptible cash
  7. Pre-emptible trade
  8. Landowner trade-out
  9. Coop
  10. Public service

There is no excuse to have empty space – I’ll take it myself for $5. Everyone wants billboard space. Your job is more like a stockbroker – you’re trying to match the best deal at that moment from all the hundreds of potential advertisers. 99% of the reason for vacant space is not hitting the entire universe of potential advertisers – you only need ONE. Don’t just do one or two of these steps and give up. You have to do them all to maximize rates and maintain 100% occupancy at all times.

I appreciate the advice!

Hi John,

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