"Anchor" Accounts

I am new at the business, but one of my partners is a seasoned veteran. Most of the boards he puts up are sold before the ground is even distrubed on construction. The problem I see, being small, is I can’t bring a lot to the table until I get more boards up. What have some of you done in the past to get anchor accounts that are willing to go board to board with you?

That being said, large “national” companies usually go with larger public traded advertising companies and pass over the small businessman, what is the pitch in order to get these big fish to work with you?

You will be far better off working with local advertisers and not national. You are correct that most national accounts would prefer to buy all their outdoor from one or two sources (who wouldn’t). Although national accounts pay more, local accounts are easier to sell to and renew for long periods of time if the sign works for them – something that rarely happens with national accounts. So don’t feel like national accounts are better than local, as the dependability of local advertisers outweighs the price advantage (and certain periods of vacancy) that the national accounts have to offer.