Applying for Billboard Permits

I am applying for a permit to build a new billboard but there hasn’t been one built in this area for so long that no one know what is really required. They have a list of what is required on the drawings which say they need a site plan show the property lines, building locations, proposed sign location, and distance to all other billboards nearest this location on both sides of the interstate. I have already spoken with the county and they said the location will work i just have to submit the drawings but the problem is I can’t find a billboard company who will do the site drawing. They all so to find a local engineer for this and the billboard company will supply the structural drawings. I had a local engineer price it and it was over $3000 just for the survey and site drawing. I guess what my question is, is there a company that someone knows of that will do the site and structural drawings? The drawing requirement seems a little excessive to me and the engineer i had price it agrees but I am at a loss right now. I do not what to shell out over $3000 just for a site drawing. Please help. Any input is appreciated

I’m not sure I understand your question. Can’t you just create a simple drawing instead of paying a contractor? I’ve never heard of a county requiring you to pay a contractor or engineer.

The county is not necessarily requiring me to use an engineer but they do require drawings stamped by an engineer. Is there an easier way to get a set of site drawings that the county would approve?