Average cost of Installing Billboard

Hello All,
How much is the average cost of construction/installation of standard size billboard?
Say, I signed up a lease with land owner and also got a permit from county. The next step in this process I believe is talking to Construction Company for erecting a billboard. Assuming I want to erect standard size (14’ x 48’) billboard. Approx. how much it will cost?



That’s a pretty tough question since the price will be contingent on such things as the height as well as the position of the pole (center mount, full flag, etc.) and the access and the soil conditions. It will also matter geographically – the price differs all over the U.S.

If I had to guess, I would throw out the price of $50,000. But that is completely dependent on the factors I just named.

Here is the most complete source of information I’ve found on costs associated with putting up a billboard. This is specific for
Oregon in 2007, but it has more info than I have found anywhere else.

If anyone sees something like this for Florida or has this type of info for Florida, please let me know.


If you are interested in constructing some billboards in Fla, or the SE or are looking for a price guide for fab and installation. email me the specifics at chris@tytysignsllc.com. or visit our website at www.tytysignsllc.com
I can give you some price quotes.

Prices that were presented here for Oregon are way too expensive, especially now, just like prices for homes, billboards are going down in prices, and will have to come down in prices, because advertising will not produce as much money any more.


You are correct, billboard prices are elastic like anything else, and will probably decline in the current recession.

I have always had good luck lowering the cost to build units through thinking “outside the box” on how to build them cheaper. This includes calling all of the regional fabricators, erectors and sign companies looking for used structures that were torn down at other locations. I also aggressively look at building units with wooden telephone poles, steel I-beams and smaller diameter steel multi-poles – anything to get the cost down substantially.

At the end of the day, a billboard must positively cash flow. You can’t build units that cost more than they earn.

I also have a question about erecting a billboard.
My state requires submitted plans (of construction) to city/town and state DOT with surveyors raised seal of the palns before any permit can be issued or application looked at, so if someone out of state is to build…

  1. will they release the plans to surveyor?
  2. Where can I get general plans for 12x24 10.5’ x 36’ and 14’ x 48’ so this way I will have it ready depending on situation?

Also what do you think about getting scrap beams let say two or three 30’ digging a hole pouring concreate (sticking them in) adding additional cross beams on top to hold the face etc etc.

Frank I also forgot to mention that the land I want to use belongs to:

  1. City, but the city is located somewhere else where the billboard would be located (they have land in other towns)

  2. other location (town) is a corporate gas station

You might have talked about it but I am very close to sending out letters (or walking in person to city)

…and wanted to refresh your input on how to PROPERLY approach them and or send them properly structured letter.

  1. I want to approach two different billboard owners with normal billboard and one with abandoned billboard and my question is whether I should put a price on anything right now and just send them a letter or what. I bought your book and CDs and listened to it a little but don’t remember your approach.

Thank you

Hi Frank,

I met you down in Orlando for the M5. You were awesome and so fascinating. I was wondering if you can provide me a good list of fabricators, contractors, design makers, etc…that you use to get quotes on new signs and reusable materials? I’m working on my first billboard deal right now.

Thank you so much,

Michael Truong


There are three types of sign fabriactors: 1) national 2) regional and 3) local. That’s also the order of cost from highest to lowest. Keeler Iron Works is a national fabricator, and you can call them for prices. However, you should also check your regional and local fabricators, which you can find via Google. In general, a monopole 14’ x 48’ is going to cost about $50,000 and a monopole 12’ x 24’ is going to run about $25,000. You can build wood units as low as $5,000 and buy used 8-sheets for around $1,000. You should always get at least three bids on any billboard structure.

Typically, about 50 grand, but it depends where of course. Hope you find what you’re looking for. I’m interested in knowing what happens.

Hey all, I found a great article answering all your questions about the typical costs of billboards and the different factors effecting the price, I’m sure it will be of great use to you Patrick, http://leaseadvisors.com/blog/Outdoor_Advertising_Accounting_for_Billboard_Costs

This is a how long is a string question. There are many factors with the installation of a new sign. We are the professionals; www.apexbillboard.com. Please call 206-707-6602 for an estimate. Thanks, Jeff

Based on our research at Fit Small Business, a 14’x48’ billboard might cost $15k-$20k for a wooden structure and $40k-$100k+ for a metal structure. As has been mentioned, exact costs will vary quite a bit based on size of the sign, height off the ground, and whether the sign is double or single-sided.

More info can be found in our full guide to billboard advertising.

I agree with you micheal…
Exact cost vary according to the size, height and type of board.
But don’t you think location will also matter???
As far as I know, cost varies from place to place…

Additionally, where the billboard manufacturer is located, if shipping/taxes are additional costs & if you have to get a separate billboard installer. In CA, it seems as if they lump billboard manufacturers/installers under the “general contractors” category, if you can find them (not in high demand).


Where the price goes up exponentially is when:

  1. You hit rock or water while digging, which requires special equipment and huge additional cost

  2. You have to build a road to access the site

  3. You have virtually no access to the job site at all (remember that some LA signs were built using helicopters)

  4. Cities that are unionized and ridiculous in the red tape and regulations (LA, Chicago, NYC)

The most expensive signs are those that are full-flag offset, and price also goes up as you get higher, as well as the size of the V.

You can check this link.
Thank You!

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