Avoiding the tiling effect

I’m in the process of picking a true 16mm sign from the majors.
Does anyone have any experience with luminance control and color calibration? Do you think LED binning is a good enough method? I’m worried about down the road when the LED’s degrade unevenly or when I need to replace a module.

Hmmm… I guess not.
Done the deal already. I’ll let you know in a couple years how the LED’s degrade.


I can now proudly announce to everyone that I’ve have my true 16mm posters up and running for 3 1/2 months. Went with watchFire since they use 100% Nichia LED’s and have the methods to calibrate the entire display perfectly. No “tiling” or “quilting” effect seen at all. Amazing company to deal with!

Built a new monopole V structure for the displays and followed Frank’s articles on how to do it correctly and align properly. Thanks to this website and his articles, my new billboard business is really taking off.

I didn’t pre-sell since I had nothing to show. The amazingly vivid displays are selling themselves. I started out using a time slot to advertise myself, but now I’m selling that slot and just using a sign with my number like in Frank’s list of ways to get advertisers.

David in Calgary