BBU webinars?


I heard your annual billboard training in New Orleans has been discontinued, and that a new home billboard training course will replace it. Might I suggest periodic webinars (monthly ?), which are about an hour long, covering the most asked about billboard topics ? These webinar can be part of a subscription or free with occasional popup ads for your products.

Hmmm, need a new Marketing Director ? :wink:


You’re correct, the live Billboard Boot Camp events are being replaced with a Billboard Boot Camp DVD set with reference library. The live event was a lot of fun, but it was highly inefficient. To attend, most people had to book airfare and hotel costs that were more than the course. On top of that, many people could not want to leave their family for a weekend, and others had to wait a year or so to attend, since we were only holding it once a year. So we hired a group that makes TV shows to film the whole thing, edit it, and put it on a DVD set. The benefits are 1) no travel cost 2) watch it to fit your schedule over several days 3) you can refer back to it as much as you like.

While I personally liked the live training (it was fun for me) the public has spoken and the efficiency of the new system is more than compelling. The TV production group did a terrific job, and it’s an “insanely great product” as Steve Jobs would say. Brandon is finishing the packaging right now, and it will be for sale in about a month or so.

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How much will your Billboard Boot Camp DVD set sell for and will you be sending out an announcement when it is available ?

Webinars could still work, in addition to your DVD set. This would give you the live action which you enjoy & take away the travel expenses on your participants. Webinars would also be a way of keeping updated on the latest billboard regulation, building, etc changes, plus they are fairly easy to setup.