Big Bucks from Big Signs Question

I would like to purchase your book Big Bucks from Big Signs. I am investigating a few different avenues for business ownership. My Vision is for me to start my business and grow it with the least amount of capital out of pocket. The idea of flipping billboard permits and ground leases is appealing. I have found your book in Kindle form on Amazon. Is there another version of the book out there? Can you supply me with the link? I looked on your site and could not find the book.
I am looking at your home study package, but I want to read the book before I decide to make that purchase. I want to make sure that this is the correct opportunity for me.


You can still buy the book from Amy at at (800) 950-1364. We stopped listing it on the site because we don’t print it anymore, but there still are a few copies left. It was replaced with the improved Home Study Course. Or you can buy it on Kindle for a few dollars less, but you don’t have a real book you can carry around.

I got the Book.
I have read it twice and looked back our certain sections numerous times. I have started looking for locations. I live in Georgia south of Atlanta. If there is anyone out there that would like to me my mentor, I am sure there are opportunities that are mutually beneficial.

Why don’t you post your questions right here on the forum? I’ll do my best to help you.