Billboard Erection

Hi all!

My name is Ann and I just joined the forum, I’m also a new comer to billboard erection services. I’m still trying to understand it all and our little company (just me and my husband) is still navigating through all the different ways to approach the industry. It’s a tough economy! I was wondering – for those of you involved in the industry (especially veterans) business owner or not, what are some of services, tools, strategies, or latest resources you find helpful or profitable in doing your work or - business? Online or offline, I’m sure there is quite a lot in both right?!

Thanks and God bless!


The first key is specializiation. You have to figure out what niche of the industry you want to be in. The second is to figure out what your geographical area is going to be. Then you have to become a master at that one niche in that one area.

When you say “billboard erecting” it sounds like you are wanting to be a contractor to build signs – is that the case? If you mean that you are wanting to build, rent and operate billboards for your own account, then I suggest you buy my course, available on this site, to help you select what path you want to take.