Billboard or outdoor advertising?

Hi all, I have tried different advertising strategies and failed. I need your help. Moving on to the second year of my business. I’m not sure why it is not flourishing. Hence, I tried many different promotional methods. But, I have not seen any visible changes. Hence, I thought to get your help.

Are there any experienced business people here? Can you come up with your suggestions?
We are in the plan of manufacturing more new products. So, right now, we are searching for the advertising of our new products.

Two suggestions have come up! One is human billboard advertising and another is outdoor projection advertising. Which do you think would be a better one? Confused with these both! Which do you think is cost effective?

My brother told me that, having creative outdoor projection advertising is an effective way. It seems that they use this method in the US. But, I don’t think that it will be a successful method here. What is your opinion?

Waiting for your reply. It will be appreciated to the most.
Thanks in advance

Both the Outdoor Advertising options-Human Billboard Advertising and Outdoor Projection Advertising are interactive to the out of home space having it’s own set of terms.
Projections give tremendous flexibility in terms of timing and scope of creative. Your creative can range from a static image, to a fully interactive experience injecting real time motion using green screen technology. They also allow you to promote your brand in unexpected locations, reach large audiences, and remain visible long after the sun has gone down.
On the other hand,Human Billboard is a noticeable, eco-friendly, form of outdoor street-level advertising and consumer engagement marketing. They are sometimes known as a Walking Billboard teams and Ad Walkers by certain companies or within certain industries.
It is a particularly effective form of outdoor advertising for promoting retail stores, local events, and restaurants, plus to increase brand visibility around conventions.

So long story short, you have to choose the perfect Outdoor Advertising option based on your target audience and location-wise that is best suited for your business. We happen to be in the industry and we know what we do. For any related query, you can always give us a call.
Billboard Advertising in New York

Billboard advertising is part of Outdoor Advertising, it is one of the most important mediums of choice in the world of outdoor advertising. Printing Billboard banners are a very effective way of advertising on goods or services.

Most outdoor advertising companies also offer other services such as wallscapes, transit advertising, digital kiosks, etc

So, it’s always recommended to choose billboard or Outdoor advertising according to your industry needs. To know more about Billboard Printing / Outdoor Printing, visit the Hugo Printing website.

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Hope this article may be helpful

yes Billboard advertising is part of Outdoor Advertising and this advertising is very popular and effective way to increase business popularity.

It’s hard to say what will be more effective because it will be solely depending on what is your business and who are your target audience, but in my opinion I would go for outdoor projection advertising because it is more eye-catching and more people will be drawn to look at it as it is digital and having something to watch might really attract your audience to look at it and hopefully be able to convert them into sales, while on the other hand human billboard is cost efficient and personal.
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I personally say that you must go for Wild Posting outdoor advertising as I have tried for my sports equipment business and it really helps me to get more customers and sales as this is your initial step so I prefer to go for advertising with a basic level.

Hi All,

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Even I appreciate your mode of strategy. I am also in a plan to do billboard advertisement plus digital signage for my new business. I hope this would prove worthy, as I can take your words.

I think it having an outdoor led works especially if you use interactive led displays because aside from seeing the ad, people can also engage in the brands and show interest.

Hi dear,

Personally, I think you can consider choosing outdoor projection advertising, because I this one can let more potential customers notice your brand and products, as it is a more innovative advertising ways, and the other one is more common.

However, I also recommend you choose an outdoor LED display because compared with the two, it has more flexibility to display any contents you want at the different environments within less limitation of sites and contents. And the vivid and moving pictures can catch audiences’ eyes than other static media.

And of course, it can be more cost effective in the long term.

For more you can just click outdoor LED display.