Billboard Resources

We have a small billboard company with plans to expand with land acquisition and leases. Even though we have gotten our feet wet throughout the whole process, are there any additional resources (other than on this website) that we can educate ourselves further?

As you have probably already found out on Google, there are virtually no books or real-life infomation on the outdoor advertising industry other than what we have on this site. There are some really bad materials offered by some real estate sites that have no actual industry experience whatsoever. The best additional resources, in my opinion, are offered by the OAAA, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, which is the official lobby organization of the industry. Their materials are pretty hard to read, but they are filled with facts and statistics. You would also benefit from virtually any book on advertising, all the way back to the 1920s. My OAAA booklet from 1929 is one of the best things I ever bought, as it had some color charts on legibility (which I’ve reviewed on this site) and other unique items.

I am about 70 miles from northeast PA and I was wondering if you have found someone inexpensive to your billboard. If so would be able to tell me what size of board you finally got, (monopole or steel I beams), lights no lights, and finally how much you paid for it all? Also was it contractor who did all of this or were there different contractors to complete entire project?

Also if any one has any quotes or completed projects in NY, NJ PA region I would really appreciate what kind of quotes you got for your boards