Billboard Site locator and sites for sale

We are a professional billboard site locator for Texas, Okla, La, Ark, NM,

We have a data base of every city in each state that allows new billboards.
Each state has different requlations and requirements and we are well versed on each.

We concentrate on Digital sites, even more costly to construct produces many times revenue and advertisers than conventional static boards.

We can deliver sites ready to build in your desired location(s) (not always possible)
or we can turn key the installation for you.

Good revenue sites are increasing difficult to locate and land leases/easements are also increasing.
If we can help contact us here and we can determine in a short phone conversation if what you are seeking and what is possible.

Very interested in talking with you, please call me at your convenience.

Tony Lockridge
Lockridge Outdoor

Interested in speaking with you. Please contact me at:

Great information.

Avoid this like the plague, it is a scam

Hi there! We are desperate to start building in CA ! Email me