Billboard Sizes?

Frank and Others,

I'm having a tough time figuring out if my billboards are going to be visible from a certain setback distance. Is there a trick or a rule that can give me an idea of what would be appropriate? For instance in a wide open area with nothing around the following size billboards should not be further away from the road edge than:

8-sheet -> 80 feet
30-sheet -> 150 feet
bulletin -> 600 feet

I know there’s a lot of factors here, but I could really use some help on this.



Those setbacks are way too far off the road. You want an 8-sheet to be about 10’ to 20’ off the right-of-way, a 30-sheet to be about the same, and a bulleting to be about 10’ to 40’ off the right-of-way. But that’s in a perfect world. In many cases, that’s not possible due to unusual circumstances such as extra wide right-of-way, obstructions, impediments to construction, etc. But think about this: the Highway Beautification Act only controls to a distance of around 660’ off the right-of-way. At 600’ on a bulletin, you are virtually in the zone the Highway Dept. considers too far off the road to even worry about – clearly, that’s way too far.