Billboard Structures and Drawings Needed

Frank and Others,

 I'm looking for used metal billboard structures, with alot of the major players taking signs down I thought I could find some used. Where would I look for these?

Also when you submit a drawing of the proposed billboard structure with your permit application how detailed should it be and if I’m building the structure myself should I have an engineer draw it?

You are exactly correct that there are many decent quality used structures out there right now, in part due to the removal of signs by the largest outdoor companies. You can can find them in two places: 1) call the big companies direct and see what they have laying in their yard. That’s where most of these take-down units end up. I’ve seen stacks of them 8 feet high. Normally, if you are not a threat to them, they will be happy to sell them to you, since they have no where else to put them 2) call the major sign erection/fabrication companies in the major markets where the larger companies operate. They also have them laying in heaps in their yard.

In every state that I have ever worked in or even looked at working in, you must submit engineered drawings with your permit application, signed and stamped by a licensed engineer and guaranteed to withstand a certain wind load (wind speed). There is no way around this to my knowledge. Even on old, used structures, you’ll have to pay an engineer to draw up plans for its re-installation.

Hi Frank, bumping up an old topic here as I’m at this stage in the process and curious…what did you typically pay for engineered drawings to submit to city/state? I’m especially curious as this cost needs to be incurred prior to permit and thus funding I’m looking to secure…I need to come out of pocket for this one.