Billboard structures needed

Frank and others,

 Need a little help, so I've got this location where I had originally planned on building a double stack 30-sheet billboard with two I-beams (pretty simple), some odd zoning requirement that was over looked in this process that requires a structure be monopole and a hagl of at least 15 ft., my question is the location is good but not great, how can I build this thing on the cheap? Are there any inexpensive used structures out there? Any tricks or tips? 


Your best bet is to find a used structure sitting in someone’s scrap yard at a large outdoor plant or sign fabricator. I would call every outdoor operator and fabricator within a day’s drive of your location. See what’s out there. See if you can scavange a structure ouf of these pieces. You may get the pole from one company, and the torsion bar from another, etc. Then you’ll have to find an engineer who can design how to put the parts together. I used this strategy several timesand, while it was a lot of work, it paid off.

Find a local welder. They have connections and would know where to get your steel and they have the means to put it together. Have a good drawing and they can give you a quote. Make sure they are good though! I know people that can make the structures and put it on a trailer and drive it to you if you are interested. Good luck!