Billboard Trailer


Great book. I enjoyed the read and learnt a ton! What are your thoughts on Billboard Trailers? I have built two that I am currently finishing up and should have them available to rent within a week or so. They are double sided (V-shaped) structures built on 20’ flat deck trailers. They are 20x10 faces as that is the norm here in Alberta where I am from. I was going to build permanent monopole structures on the land where I will be parking these units but from everyone I talked to in the county and Alberta Transportation, billboards are “technically” illegal, but they do not enforce that law. However Pattison has 3 about a mile up the highway and there is another local company that has a few just ahead of them. The county was helpful and said I could apply for a building permit, but it would likely have to be granted approval from Alberta Transportation before it could be accepted. This is what got me thinking of building these nice trailered units I could hook onto with a pick-up and move around, while using that as another selling feature. There great units and look sharp, I just hope I can sell them. There’s not a ton of companies that have done this, at least in Canada. What are your thoughts? I would like to hear your pros and cons.