Billboards Manufacturer in North Carolina

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I would like to start a small outdoor media business in Charlotte, NC , And my plan is to start with 2 billboards in Charlotte Area to test the market , I will be very thankful if any one can provide me with contact for Billboards steel structure manufacturers in North Carolina who can do the job with lowest possible cost.

Please excuse my grammar and thank you very much in Advance.

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Hello Mustafa, my name is Joshua Hales. I have over 3 years experience as a small outdoor advertising companies installer, structure maintenance, and property maintenance manager. I am seeking a full-time position as a junior billboard installer. I’m open to larger Billboards as well, but I prefer to work alone. I know how to build the Junior billboards, using lumber, and metal faces, as well as vinyl Billboards themselves. I don’t know if you’ve already got your company going, as it’s been many years since you posted this, but if you could please reach out to me, my email address is:

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