Hi. Is there any billposters on here who post 48 sheet billboards etc…thanks

Been there, done that! Thousands of times. What you need to know? Not much need of bill posters with glue and brush these days! A dieing breed…

Yes they sure are a dying breed. I wanted a few to join a billposters group that i run on facebook so we can exchange our stories of the job etc Be good to get some u.s billposters on…thanks. Jim…

Hi I’m a billboard installer who installs everything, and anything. Please call 570-540-0331 or email
Fully insured and highly reliable.

Hi there. Can i add you to our facebook group in the uk. Thanks

What’s your Facebook page called? Can reply to me at Thanks:Randy.

Hi. You can find me on facebook. James henderson. With a profile pic of winston churchill & i will add you to billposting group from there. What is your facebook name? Thanks. Jim…

Hi randy. My facebook name is james henderson. Profile pic of winston churchill. Or email. Thanks