Books, tapes & autobiographies


What books/tapes/autobiographies would you recommend? I was astounded & impressed by the fact that first Wal-Mart stores were built in small towns. I heard other big businesses started out in small towns too.

Need useful book list so time driving from sign to sign is used well :slight_smile:

Thank you!

The autobiographies that I have found the most uplifting are stories of underdogs who battled their way to the top, or people with impossible situations who succeeded, or people who survived and prospered in economic depressions. As a result, any boot or tape on any of the following people would be great:

Audie Murphy
Conrad Hilton
Sam Walton
Warren Buffet (the way he analyzes business is interesting)
Dave Thomas (founder of Wendy’s)
Ray Kroc (founder of McDonalds)
George Patton
Dwight Eisenhower
Shackleton (the polar explorer)
Charles Lindburgh
Amelia Earhart
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Henry Ford
Steve Jobs (the Apple turnaround story is pretty impressive, as are the initial garage days)
Just about any Civil War biography

That should get you started.

Thank you!!