Boot Camp

Dear Frank,

My name is Ron Piatos from the Philippines and i would like to know how could i join in your up coming seminar that would be held this coming May 2009. How can i pay the seminar fee, would it be possible that my wife who lives in Oregon pay for my seminar fee either by card or cash. If ever I have paid for my attendance fee, could you possibly send me via e.mail a confirmation letter so i can present it with the U.S. embassy here in Manila where i will secure my visit visa.

I am a outdoor advertising practitioner since the early 80’s, but I really wish to acquire the technical “know how” on how to operate an outdoor advertising company, since me and my American wife would be planning to establish such business in Oregon.

Thank You So Much. Hope you can get back to me as soon as possible.

Ron Piatos

Dear Ron,

All you have to do is call (800) 950-1364 on Monday and Perry or Amy can get you everything you need to attend.

We had three gentlemen from Mexico City at the last Boot Camp, so I guess we are developing quite an international clientele.

Let me know if you have any problems getting everything set up. My email is

I look forward to meeting you!

Dear Frank,

Thanks for your reply. I will give your number to my wife and let her call the persons you mention.
I will instruct her to know everything from her point as how i can be there at the boot camp this coming May.



Let me know if you have any problems.