Bus and Taxi advertising


Can you tell me if taxi and bus advertising falls under the same laws and regulations as outdoor billboards? Because they are traveling through a variety of local jurisdictions when they are traveling who would normally regulate them the city ordinance, state, or both. Also there are some ordinances which do not allow outdoor billboards within “x” feet of a state road. Since taxis and buses would be traveling on the roads are they usually exempt from these laws?




Transit advertising is normally not regulated by state billboard laws, as it does not fall under their definitions. Billboards are structures which do not move. However, it is possible that it can be regulated under city rules, but seemingly seldom is. I have not seen any ordinances that restrict ads on vehicles (in fact, the ads keep getting larger with supergraphics). But a quick call to your city hall will get you the definitive answer.

Thanks for your quick reply Frank,