Church given steel billboard

Hi i am an associate pastor at my church looking for some wisdom in something i know absolutely nothing about… My church was recently donated a Big steel mono pole billboard that has been on our property for about 10 years but was not owned by us. Today the owner Gifted it to us. It is really nice and from what i can tell has the potential to be a real money maker for years to come. It is currently contracted with lamar, but that contract is soon to be up. I want to know am i want to renew the contractwith lamar or do i need to look for another company. Also is lamar a good company to do business with. One thing i would really like for this sign is an led video screen. I would like to know how to make that possible. also we own frontage land on the busiest intesection in town. I would like to know if i could possibly put up another sign since we own enough land to space them far enough apart on 2 separate roads.

Email me at and I will be happy to give you free advice, since you are a non-profit.

Where are you located? MY company makes LED boards and would be happy to give a quote to the church.