City shadow projector

City shadow projector is an international initiative of the high-power projection equipment, used the optical projection principle and the high-brightness light source, it can project full-color of the advertisements film onto the walls of tall buildings, Formed very visual impact of the outdoor advertising at night.
After a long proven, usually applied in the following places, the effect will be quite good:
• Large flow of people place: square, Commercial district, city center and other downtown etc.
• Events: concerts, parties, product promotions, and other major celebrations
• Difficult to set up advertising local: City landmarks, bridges, high-rise buildings walls
• Special places: Sports venues, lake, natural or artificial clouds
Large display area: Can project 1 squared meters and over 1 million square meters of huge advertisements within 1m-400m from the wall, The effective coverage is difficult to achieve for the other traditional outdoor advertising, have obvious advantages in shaping the brand image applications.
High arrival rate: new forms of media, huge advertising area, animation and special effects applications, according to a survey conducted in major applications cities, to reach more than 80%, effectively improved the quality of the value.
Low cost: For the traditional media (neon signs, light boxes, lighting billboards, etc.), the projector takes only a very low advertising film cost, save the venues, production and other huge costs, while significantly reducing the cost of thousands of advertisements .
High volume rate: single lamp can hold 1-36 sheets (Be different depending on the models) of film with different contents, fully convey the advertising information through a continuous loop play, and interpret creative story Attract people to watch, greatly improve the rate of arrival and memory
Flexible / efficient delivery: Today the market constantly upgrading products, competition has been a day for the unit, which requires advertising media has a high resistance can be replaced. Projection advertising advertising the picture or replace the advertising content in a few minutes, it is very suitable for the efficient operation of the modern market.
Environmental protection: Projection advertising use of the projection optics image, little loss of material, almost no effect on the surrounding environment. But the traditional media need re-enter the one-time set
For published or change picture every time, that no change to speak of.
Animation and other novel effects: linkage through multi-lamp and some special technology application, such as animation, flash, waving and other novel effects, advertising performance with flexibility and innovative methods, and effective in attracting people’s attention, increase retention rates and average view time
Light superposition of multiple technologies: For the large area of advertising the single lamp can not meet the requirements of high brightness, So can use the superposition of multiple lights to solve the technology problem. Superposition of the light can be 2-20 units, use this technology can play the satisfactory brightness giant advertising within 10,000 Square meters. The visually stunning is the other outdoor advertising can not be compared to.
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