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My apology to the forum moderators if I put this message in the wrong place. – It would be nice to have a CLASSIFIED AD section for those of us who are looking for miscellaneous stuff we may need to buy or sell related to outdoor advertising. I have had the following “want it now” ad on ebay for weeks now, with no response. – WANTED: One Glass lense (refractor) for '97 HOLOPHANE
PANL-VUE HID Sign lighting fixture Catalog # PANL400MHDTSDGSW. — I guess that’s not the place to try and find what I need. Does anyone here know where I may post to find one of these?

Tucker Outdoor Advertising


Try Michael Grace at ACE Outdoor. His # 903-520-1788. He deals with Halophane fixtures. I purchased several used fixtures from him. He may be able to help.

Good Luck!

Chris Painter
Astro Outdoor

I will look into a “classified” section.

Thanks to Chris for that halophane input.