Company Name Ideas?


I’m in the process of starting my billboard advertising company and wanted to get your thoughts and opinions on the name ideas I have for my company.

  1. Urban Media Advertising d.b.a. “URBAN”

  2. Forward Media d.b.a. “FORWARD”

  3. Sun Outdoor Advertising d.b.a. “SUN”

  4. American Outdoor Advertising d.b.a. “AMERICA”

  5. Artistic Advertising d.b.a. “ART”

Frank teaches to select a business name that is easy to pronounce, doesn’t include your personal name, has no negative connotation and short enough to fit on a billboard shield.

I want my company name to be as simple and creative as possible, so please let me know what you think? Thanks!

Jeremy Love

Hey Jeremy,
I like the Urban name. You could include OOH (Out of Home) in the name.
Urban Out Of Home Advertising, Urban OOH, UOOH.
Just a thought.
Tasty Ad

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Hey Shane,

Thanks for the name suggestions, I actually decided to go with the name Urban Media and have the billboard shield read “URBAN”.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Urban Media

how about JEREMY OOH?
in my opinion “urban, ooh”,…means every outdoor advertising company.

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I think “JEREMY” would be too personal. Thanks for the suggestion!

Urban sounds good. good luck Jeremy, This is a complicated business cause not many people wanna help out new comers. Im a new comer and I have 3 abandoned boards I’m hoping to close on by next month. If you have any questions you can reach out to me Im willing to share what I know.


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Thanks Sherri! I’ve decided to go with the name Urban for my company and have already created a website and email address. I have currently have two landowners that are interested in allowing me to use their old billboards to rent ad space, so I’ll definitely will be reaching out to you with questions. Thanks again and I’ll be in contact with you soon!

Jeremy Love
Urban Media