Conditional Use Permits


I am wondering if anybody has had an issue with the cost of obtaining the city permit? I am currently trying to secure one located in Westminster, CA and the cost just to apply for the conditional use permit is $3,885.

This doesn’t even guarantee whether the permit will be granted, is this typical in CA to pay such a high rate for conditional use permits. Frank is this how much you would pay typically for the city permit?

I think this is something that is unique to California – I’ve never heard of an application cost that high. Additionally, the permit cost is only charged when approved in every market that I’ve ever been in. Permit fees are typically $250 to $500 in the markets I worked in. Are you sure that you’ve got the methodology and number right? This seems absurd.

It could be possible that this isn’t necessary for a billboard I am going to contact the city on Monday and find out if it is. Any suggestions?

“Conditional Use Permits
Submit processing fees in the amount of $3,885.00 per application (this includes a $185.00
environmental exemption fee); and each CUP requested beyond the first will cost an additional
$1,110.00. Checks must be made payable to the City of Westminster.”

This is the verbiage from their website, their municipal code clearly states they allow for billboards to be built, and that a conditional use permit is required. They also take a 10% cut of gross revenue yearly, so they might be serious with this $3,885 nonsense.

Hi there,

This doesn’t sound right. I would contact Caltrans Outdoor Advertising (State of CA govt agency) and County of Orange about this permit requirement:

The only city I’m aware of doing something like this is Las Vegas, which seems near impossible to put up a billboard unless you are Lamar or Clear Channel. Is there any reason you need to put up your sign in Westminster ? Maybe some other nearby cities such as Garden Grove, Stanton or Anaheim don’t charge excessive fees like this.


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