Content Control

Hi Frank I was wondering if you had any sample language when the Landlord is desirous to approve all content prior to placement of the ad. Understand this is not ideal but only way to get the deal done due to the type of institution the sign will be located. I need it to read where it gives them control but not a right to simply reject all ads which would obviously be detrimental. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


“Lessee agrees that Lessor will have the right to review all content on the sign, and to restrict such content in a reasonable manner”.

You may want to change this language based on the prevailing laws in yur state and to meet the exact conditions you want to place. I’m not a licensed attorney in your state, this is just a suggestion.

The biggest downside from this type of provision is that it is not real attractive to a buyer down the road, as it causes complications and restructions. But have I adopted such a provision on signs before (for example, where the landlord is a church)? Yes.

Thanks Frank that is helpful (keep it simple) yes you guessed it a church! Also I already have a provision that restricts cigarettes, alcohol, etc and any other “sin” business type of advertisements but they still want the overriding authority was also trying to figure a way to write if property sold then provision void but this will probably scare them off so just have to take my chances I guess. If you have any other examples please provide. Thanks again.